Last Call is a live radio talk show that offers help to people suffering from addictions. Dedicated to finding solutions to the age old problem of addictions, Last Call is a forum for individuals whose lives have become unmanageable due to substance abuse and related issues.

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Click here to watch messages from Dan Murphy on how Families are Affected by Drug Abuse and the Legacy of Addiction. These messages are to 30 million drug addicts in our nation who are looking for recovery options.


The Misadventures of Dewey Dipso


Last Call Featured Podcasts

LastCall - Treatment and Recovery - Salvation Army

Join Jeffrey Campbell with Salvation Army San Bernardo CA as he and Dan investigate nuances of treatment and recovery.

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LastCall - 12 Steps of Recovery - Jeff & Summer

Jeff and Summer, join Dan to share their journey from the Dark to the Light. You can join Jeff and Summer Kirby's 12-Step Recovery Program each Thursday at 6pm, all are welcome. Visit here for more details on location

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Last Call - Making a Difference - WCYC

The Washington County Youth Coalition is a group of local youth who are trying to make a difference in our community, working to make our county a safer, happier, healthier place. In other words, we get stuff done, and we have fun doing it! Join us…

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Last Call - Drug/Alcohol prevention - Logan Reid

Great program with Logan Reid discussing ways and means to prevent drug and alcohol abuse.

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Last Call - Personal Recovery Stories - Caden/Eric

Caden and Eric share their personal stories of recovery from addiction.

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About Your Host

Dan produces and hosts a live two-hour talk show with the primary emphasis on finding solutions to drug and alcohol abuse and addictions. His show just celebrated 15 years of continuous broadcast on Fox News 93.1FM & 1450AM.
St. George News
St. George Spectrum
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Prescription Drug Abuse

Although the vast majority of patients use their prescription medication as directed, prescription drug abuse has become a major health problem in America. The risk for prescription drug abuse exists whenever these medications are used in ways other than, as prescribed. Some people end up abusing prescription drugs by "doctor shopping" to obtain multiple prescriptions from more than one physician. Learn More»

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol the most insidious and pervasive drug on the face of the planet. Think about this: Each year over 17,000 people die on the nations highways as a result of drinking and driving! What if just one of them was in your family? Why is there not public outrage over this? Learn More»
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