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Although Daniel Murphy set out to be an altar boy, he grew up as the black sheep of his family. He first got drunk at 11 at one of his father’s keg parties. He was impressed by the joviality and fun that always seemed to surround these gatherings, and he began participating early. As his disease progressed, he knew in his heart he was an alcoholic, but his problems did not slow him down. He went to radio school and landed a dream job on the radio in Los Angeles, but couldn’t keep it because of the instability in his life. He didn’t listen to anyone who tried to help because he had all the answers. With DUIs, lost jobs, wrecked cars, jail time, getting shot, bar room fights, he hated the way he lived and eventually had nothing and no one left . . . but a bottle. Finally when he could no longer stand the pain, his sober sister helped him into a treatment program.

Detox and treatment unfolded a lot of miracles in Dan’s life and he realized that God must have had another plan for him. In Dan’s words: “I have been given the freedom of recovery and the greatest reward for me is to see or hear from someone I was allowed to help along the way and know they are doing better. Money cannot buy those feelings. If you put money before helping others you miss the boat.”
Dan has since been able to use the considerable talents he had accrued doing radio in Los Angeles to make a difference in the local recovery community.

He now produces and hosts a live two-hour talk show with the primary emphasis on finding solutions to drug and alcohol abuse and addictions. His show just celebrated 15 years of continuous broadcast on Fox News 93.1FM & 1450AM.

Murphy is Southern Utah’s Crusader on the Mike helping many struggling people with addiction problems to recovery. Read this 2001 news article about your host called Southern Utah’s Crusader as Dan continues to tackle addiction and substance abuse problems here in Washington County and around the world through his Last Call radio broadcast.

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